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When the outside air temperature differs considerably from the inside air temperature, a great deal of energy is lost
through ventilation.

Using ProAir's HRV systems Not only minimises such losses but also has the effect of producing a healthier more comfortable indoor climate. No matter how cold the external ambient gets, the fresh air supplied to your living spaces will be pre-warmed to virtually the current temperature of your house. We do this at ProAir, by utilising the latest in counter-flow heat exchange technology as shown in figures 1&2.

Each outgoing stale, moist and warm channel is surrounded by three cold, fresh and clean channels. In this way, the outgoing warms the incoming as the two airstreams pass through one another without mixing.

The heat exchanger is made up of hundreds of these hot and cold triangular ducts, resulting in a large surface heat exchange area and extremely high efficiency of 90% (even up to 98% in condensing conditions)

The ProAir system also encorporates the latest in fan technology. The new electronically commutated direct current motors provide advantages such as; high efficiency, low noise and sensitive control.

Both the heat exchanger efficiency and the motor efficiency have been verified by tests carried out by the building research establishment in the UK, with the results posted on their on line database which acts as appendix Q of the SAP and DEAP systems. These tests have been done in accordance with the EN 13141-07 standard which is rigorous in its treatment of other aspects of HRV as well as energy efficiency.

The counterflow principle
 Triangular air ducts
Figure F1: The counterflow principle
Figure F2: Triangular air ducts
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