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ProAir Systems is an Irish based company with long experience in ventilation and building services in general. At ProAir, we have brought this resource to bear on our design and production of installer friendly and highly effective Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) units. Coming from a background of installing various types of HRV systems in homes throughout Ireland, we came to the conclusion that there was much room for improvement and set about designing our own.

Our background informed us that it is equally as important to design and provide an efficient system of ducting and air transmission as is the provision of the perfect HRV unit. As a result, the company has evolved into two distinct sections, unit production and system provision. It is this unique combination of customer service and feedback directly to the factory floor which enables us to work towards the very best solution for the end user. It is this ethos of service to the customer which has kept us at the top as Irelands leading HRV system provider since the mid-ninties.

Both of our current products, the PA 300 and PA 600 are the only irish made HRV products listed on Sap Appendix Q...click here for details.

The ProAir whole house ventilation system will provide you with optimal living conditions while saving you money constantly. Heat recovery ventilation technology does this by recovering the heat from the exhaust air from wet areas and transfering this heat to the incoming fresh air destined for the living sections of your house.

Benefits of HRV

Economy - Reduces home heating costs
Health - Clean fresh air benefits everybody
Comfort - Closed windows and draught free ventilation
Energy Efficiency - Collects heat from the air leaving the building
Condensation Control -  Continuous extraction from wet rooms
Security - Constantly locked windows means security

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